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Edited by Maria Alesi and Leah Eryenyu | Publication

This publication, “From the Margins to the Centre” borrows from Bell Hooks’ seminal critique of mainstream feminism’s centering of white privileged…


Madina Mwagale Gulooba | Publication

Uganda has demonstrated commitment to social protection through the enactment of various laws, policies and programs. Nonetheless, gaps still exist…


Ramathan Ggoobi | Publication
Photo by New Vision

Since import substitution strategy is not new to Uganda, how can the mistakes that failed it in the past be avoided this time around? What lessons can…


Frederick Golooba-Mutebi | Publication
The Political Economy of Economic Transformation

This report explores the government’s ambitions for structural transformation, focusing specifically on manufacturing. It highlights the government’s…


Fred K. Muhumuza | Publication

This Policy Paper, reviews the options of fiscal and monetary policy actions available that Government of Uganda (GoU) can undertake to manage the…


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Transforming Transport Unions through Mass Organisation of Informal Workers: A Case Study of the Amalgamated Transport & General Workers' Union (ATGWU), Uganda
Dave Spooner and John Mark Mwanika

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