FES in Uganda

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) first implemented projects in Uganda at the end of the 1960s until the beginning of the 1970s. In 1987 it established an office in Kampala and has been continuously working in Uganda since then. Throughout its presence in Uganda, FES has collaborated with a wide array of partners from universities, civil society organisations, trade unions, government departments, local communities, and political parties.

FES Uganda currently focuses on the following priority areas:

  • Enhancing political spaces for a pluralistic debate about current policies and the fundamental principles of democracy and constitutionalism
  • A Young Leaders Training Programme (Young Leaders Forum, YLF) to support young Ugandans in engaging in the social, political and/or economic development of Uganda
  • Inclusion of social justice and sustainability aspects in the development process, with a focus on economic transformation towards just, equitable and sustainable development
  • Strengthening social protection and the organisation of workers, especially in the informal economy, particularly by supporting Ugandan trade unions reaching out to informal economy associations
  • Promoting land rights, land administration, and land justice, especially of women
  • Advocating for participatory and sustainable urban development and rights to the city for urban communities
  • Giving a platform for conversations on citizens’ participation in matters of security through community policing dialogues and studies
  • Support for the Uganda Press Photo Award (UPPA) in fostering professional photojournalists and recognising the importance of photojournalism and the media for Uganda’s development

Video: What is Social Democracy?

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Uganda Office

5B, John Babiiha Avenue
P.O Box 3860
Kampala, Uganda

+256 (0)393 264565
+256 (0)757 345535

Email us: fes.uganda(at)fes.de 

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