Wednesday, 14.06.2017 - Wednesday, 14.06.2017 - Kampala Serena Hotel

Developing the Urban Community- In search of Public Open Spaces in Kampala.

The Panel

Photo: FES Uganda

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) in partnership with Uganda Community Based Association for Women and Children’s Welfare (UCOBAC) opened platform for stakeholder engagement and dialogue on the key challenges and opportunities in urban planning for public open spaces in the city as a way to attain the “The City We Need”.

The dialogue provided space to brainstorm and discuss collective solutions for creating new and preserving the remaining green spaces in the city. Stakeholders including; government, private sector, civil society, academia and grassroots communities engaged on;

The importance and benefits of public open spaces in an urban community.

The current state of public open spaces in the Greater Kampala community.

Current regulatory/planning frameworks with regards to urban public open spaces.

Participatory mechanisms that are in place for the development and management of public open spaces in urban communities.

Bodies/agencies (local or national government bodies) that are responsible for the creation and protection of public open spaces and their respective mandate.

Concrete steps that are currently undertaken, if any, to create and/or protect public urban spaces.

How to deal with development pressures and land speculation visa vie the need for public open spaces in urban areas

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